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SpaWater: A Guide to Creating World  Class SpaWater at Home

"We received our Spa Water Bottles! My husband likes his as well as I do. He walks when he plays golf and was amazed when he had ice left when he got home. It's hot here in Texas and the bottle doesn't even sweat! I've told everyone at the gym where we belong how great it is! Thanks again!"

– S. Kay


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For years, top spas from around the world have touted the amazing health benefits of healthy hydration and strived to create healthier more delicious and aesthetically appealing fruit, herb and floral infused waters to pamper their guests. These naturally infused vitamin waters not only replenish and enhance relaxation but are also beautiful and refreshing! 

Pam Wenzel's Spa Water: A Guide to Creating World Class Spa Water brings home a beautiful collection of twenty-two healthy, refreshing spa water recipes, graciously shared by award winning spas from around the world. Whether you are welcoming special guests, striving to create a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, or simply looking for the perfect housewarming, wedding or hostess gift, "Spa Water" is sure to impress and inspire!

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Dr. Parker"There are three essential elements necessary for our bodies to sustain life. In order of necessity, they are air or oxygen, water, and nutrition from food. You can only live a few minutes without air. You can only live a few days without water. You may only last weeks without proper nutrition. Spa Water brings two of the three elements together in a healthy and tasty way that all of us can enjoy."

– Dr. Robert Parker, BS, DC | Parker Health Solutions

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation While Pam's primary goal is to help bring awareness to the importance of "healthy" hydration, "Spa Water" supports the efforts of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundations Army of Women in their efforts to determine the cause of breast cancer. Read more...